Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Excel Template for Mapping Four 96-Well Plates to One 384-Well Plate

Daniel Cook in Jeff Murray's lab at the University of Iowa put together this handy Excel template for keeping track of how samples from four 96-well plates are interleaved to configure a single 384-well plate using robotic liquid handling systems, like the Hydra II.

Paste in lists of samples on your 96-well plates:

And you'll get out a map of how the 384-well plate layout:

And a summary list:

You can download the Excel file here. Thanks for sharing, Daniel.


  1. Thank you so much, it is a great job, but do you have the similar template where you could paste a 96-Well Plate and get an output of column as the one you have here as input? Thank you!

  2. I really would like this Excel file as this is exactly what I need to do!!!! But the Excel file path is not working...

    1. Sorry for the broken link. Try now.

    2. i need this Excel file urgently. worth a lot for me. the above link not working well. Please refresh this ... thanks

    3. The link above to figshare is alive and well. Please try again.

  3. Can you go from one 384 to 4 96 well plates?
    Thanks! Really useful


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