Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Personal Genomics and Data Sharing Survey

I was recently contacted by a couple of German biologists working on a project evaluating opinions on sharing raw data from DTC genetic testing companies like 23andme. A handful of people like the gang at Genomes Unzipped, the PGP-10, and others at SNPedia have released their own genotype or sequencing data into the public domain. As of now, data like this is scattered around the web and most of it is not attached to any phenotype data.

These three biologists are working on a website that collects genetic data as well as phenotypic data. The hope is to make it easy to find and access appropriate data and to become a resource for a kind of open-source GWAS - similar to the research 23andMe performs in its walled garden right now.

But because of privacy concerns, many people (myself included) hesitate to freely publish their genetic data for the world to see. These three biologists are conducting a survey to assess how willing people might be to participate in something like this, and for what reasons they would (or would not). The survey can be accessed at It took about 2 minutes for me to complete, and you can optionally sign up to receive an email with their results once they've completed the survey.

Although I'm still hesitant to participate in something like this myself, I like the idea, and I'm very interested to see the results of their survey. Hit the link below if you'd like to take the quick survey.

Personal Genomics and Data Sharing Survey

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