Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Illumina: $10,000 genome sequence with HiSeq 2000

Illumina just unveiled their latest sequencing machine, the HiSeq 2000, capable of sequencing two human genomes to 30x coverage in a single run for less than $10,000 each. Using reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis chemistry, the HiSeq 2000 is capable of quickly generating a flood of data: 200 Gb per run, 2 x 100 bp read length, up to 25 Gb per day, two billion paired-end reads/run. Just a few months ago I wrote about Illumina's $50,000 human genome. Like it or not, we need to prepare ourselves for dealing with this unprecedented amount of data that is only going to become cheaper and cheaper over the coming years.

Wall Street Journal: Illumina Unveils System to Cut Genome Sequencing Costs


  1. This is something I had been looking for months because this is perfect, all the things in here are clear and understandable .

  2. This is amazing, it is so incredible how science is just taking big big steps in discoveries.


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