Thursday, January 14, 2010 unlocks PDFs for submitting to PubMed Central

Do you submit manuscripts to journals that are not indexed in PubMed? This can make it difficult for others to find your publications, especially if they don't have a subscription to the journal. This often happens with us when we publish in computer science journals. Using the NIH manuscript submission system you can upload your manuscript to PubMed Central, which provides free open access, and is indexed in PubMed. This takes less than 5 minutes to do per manuscript, and it makes it much easier for you and any other interested parties to access your publications. Furthermore, if you use NIH funding, you are required by law to make any publications resulting from this funding free and publicly available. Make sure you're not breaching any copyright agreements first by contacting the editor of your publisher.

I've uploaded a few of my own papers, and a snag I often run into is that the publisher will often "lock" the PDF by enabling security which prevents software from extracting data from the PDF file. will liberate your PDF from data extraction, printing, and other security restrictions, making it compatible with the NIH manuscript submission system.

NIH Manuscript Submission System

NIH Open Access Policy - Removes security from viewable PDFs

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