Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming to R from SQL, Python, SAS, Matlab, or Lisp

Head over to Revolutions Blog for a list of PDF and powerpoint resources for making the transition to R from other programming or stats languages.  All of these notes come from the New York R meetup. I enjoyed browsing the meetup's files - lots of powerpoints, PDFs, and example R data files for various topics, including several slideshows on ggplot2.  Don't forget the ggplot2 tutorial I posted here earlier this week if you're completely new to ggplot2.

If you're coming from SPSS or SAS, I've read good things about Robert Muenchen's book R for SAS and SPSS Users, which can be found on Amazon (~$50), or downloaded for free from

Revolutions: Coming to R from SQL, Python, SAS, Matlab, or Lisp

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  1. I believe the latter link to Robert Muenchen's work is to a short preliminary document-- the book is much lengthier and more helpful.

    I don't usually self-promote, but for general users, a book I wrote with Nick Horton is effectively a meshed set of documentation for SAS and R. It can be a big help in transitioning if your investment in SAS is deep. See for our book's home page and for a blog with examples worked in SAS and R.


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