Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summarize Missing Data for all Variables in a Data Frame in R

Something like this probably already exists in an R package somewhere out there, but I needed a function to summarize how much missing data I have in each variable of a data frame in R. Pass a data frame to this function and for each variable it'll give you the number of missing values, the total N, and the proportion missing.

propmiss <- function(dataframe) lapply(dataframe,function(x) data.frame(nmiss=sum(, n=length(x), propmiss=sum(

Let's try it out.

#simulate some fake data

   var1 var2
1     1   11
2     2   NA
3    NA   NA
4     4   14
5    NA   NA
6     6   16
7     7   17
8     8   NA
9     9   19
10   10   NA

# summarize the missing data
  nmiss  n propmiss
1     2 10      0.2

  nmiss  n propmiss
1     5 10      0.5

Running that function returns a list of data.frame objects. You can access the proportion missing for var1 by running propmiss(fakedata)$var1$propmis.

*Edit 2011-02-23*

Commenter A. Friedman asked for a version of this function that gives you the output as a data frame. The function's a bit uglier because something was being coerced as a list, but this does the trick:


  1. That's handy. Could you write an method that would coerce the output to a data.frame for easy use when there are a lot of variables being considered?


  2. VERY handy thank you alot! this is why I love R and the R community.

  3. A. Friedman - rewrote the function to do just that.

  4. would you please comment the code? i need to do the same thing but calculating the sum of missings in every row instead.

  5. returning output as a dataframe from original function is simple with dplyr: just wrap the call to propmiss into bind_rows.

    x <- bind_rows(propmiss(df))


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