Monday, February 28, 2011

RStudio: New free IDE for R

Just saw the announcement of the availability of Rstudio, a new (free & open source) integrated development environment for R that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Judging from the screenshots, it looks like Rstudio supports syntax highlighting for Sweave & easy PDF creation from Sweave code, which is something I haven't seen anywhere else (on Windows at least). It also has all the features you'd expect of any IDE: code syntax highlighting, code completion, an object and history browser, and a tabbed interface for editing R scripts. I've been happily using NppToR for some time now, and although it works well for me, it's no real IDE solution. I'll have to give this one a shot.

RStudio - an integrated development environment (IDE) for R


  1. I installed RStudio on my Macbook Air with no problem. I have like the Mac environment much better than Windows. (I use mac at home and windows at work.) It will be nice to have RStudio as an alternative.

    I have not been using Sweave because I am not already a TeX user, and I haven't tackled the learning curve. I hope RStudio may make this eaiser.

  2. RStudio looks very nice indeed!!!

  3. Just installed it - and my first impression is...freaking impressive! :)
    Finally someone had the ability to integrate the plot window in a unified IDE. Even Revolutions dont do that - and that costs money!! I havent taken it for a drive yet, just run some simple code snippets - but from what i've seen I'll jump ship! This is what I imagined my R IDE being from the start. I was getting disillusioned after trying everything from RGui, Tinn-R, Eclipse-StatET, Revolutions R Enterprise and ended up with Notepad++/NppToR - as mentioned - NOT an ideal solution.

  4. I installed RStudio last week on my Macbook and found that it runs 5 - 10 times slower than native R. Very disappointed by the performance, but loved the GUI. I'm hoping that with time, the performance will improve.

  5. I have also noticed a huge slowdown between the R command line and RStudio.

    At this point it seems great for small projects, but for anything computation-intensive I'll stick with Notepad++ and NppToR.

    I also get more frequent out of memory errors with R studio.

  6. I tried the updated version again a few days ago and found the same slowdown in performance - it crashed my system after using for 30mins!!!!

    Yes, the IDE is "pretty", and yes there have been some promising improvements in customising it, but the performance is still poor.

    I am surprised the developers haven't put a beta tag on it.

  7. i too installed RStudio and I was really impressed by their implementation of Tex and Sweave files.
    Unfortunately you can;'t do any text completion in either tex or sweave. hopefully they will solve that and I will finally switch from Eclipse/StatET


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