Friday, September 25, 2009

What happens when a consumer genetics company goes bankrupt?

Dan Vorhaus and Lawrence Moore recently put together this excellent three part series on Genomics Law Report.  Headlines about deCODE Genetics on the brink of insolvency and major shifts in the upper management of 23andMe inspired this series of posts on what would happen when a direct-to-consumer (DTC) genomics company goes declares bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law authorizes the sale of the assets of a business in bankruptcy, and genomic data is likely the most valuable asset of any DTC genomics company.  First the authors dissect the privacy policy and terms of service for three major DTC companies: 23andMe, deCODE Genetics, and TruGenetics.  Next there's a discussion of how the legal system would treat a DTC genomics company's bankruptcy.  The series wraps up with a brief discussion of how this ultimately affects the average DTC genomics cutomer.

Genomics Law Report: What happens if a DTC Genomics Company Goes Belly-Up?

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