Wednesday, September 16, 2009

R clinic this week: Regression Modeling Strategies in R

At this week's R clinic Frank Harrell will unveil the new rms (Regression Modeling Strategies) package that is a replacement for the R Design package.  He will demonstrate the differences with Design, especially related to enhanced graphics for displaying effects in regression models.  Frank will also discuss the implementation of quantile regression in rms.  The rms package website has links to the manual, examples of graphical output, and printable reference cards for many of the package's commands.  It also makes a point that many of rms's graphics capabilities are modular and will play nicely with previously mentioned ggplot2.

To install the rms package, start R and type:

install.packages("rms", dependencies=TRUE)

Then to load it any time thereafter,


The R clinic is held by the Vanderbilt biostatistics department every Thursday 2-3pm and free to anyone who wants to attend.  More information here.

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