Monday, October 28, 2013

Analysis of #ASHG2013 Tweets

I archived and anlayzed all Tweets with the hashtag #ASHG2013 using my previously mentioned code.

Number of Tweets by date shows Wednesday was the most Tweeted day:

The top used hashtags other than #ASHG2013:

The most prolific users:

And what Twitter analysis would be complete without the widely loved, and more widely hated word cloud:

Edit 8:24am: I have gotten notes that some Tweets were not captured in this archive. This year's ASHG was very actively Tweeted. Unfortunately there are API limits restricting how many results I can return using the t Twitter command line client. A search during a particularly active time of day might have truncated some search results. Please feel free to send me a pull request if you think there's something I can do to improve the automated search code!

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