Thursday, December 15, 2011

Galaxy Project Group on CiteULike and Mendeley

The Galaxy Project started using CiteULike to organize papers that are about, use, or reference Galaxy. The Galaxy CiteULike group is open to any CUL user, and once you join, you can add papers to the group, assign tags, and rate papers.

While not a CUL user, I'm a big fan of Mendeley for managing references, PDFs, and creating bibliographies (and so are many of you). I'm happy to hear that the Galaxy folks also set up a Galaxy Mendeley Group, also open to the public for anyone to join.  If you join the Galaxy public Mendeley group, all of the groups references will show up in your Mendeley library (and these won't count against your personal quota).

Just one important thing to note: The Mendeley group is a mirror of the CiteULike group, so if you want to add more publications to the Galaxy Group, add them on CiteULike, not Mendeley (it doesn't work the other way around - papers added to Mendeley won't make it to the CUL group).

Galaxy Project Group on CiteULike and Mendeley

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