Friday, March 18, 2011

New GenABEL Website, and more *ABEL software

The *ABEL suite of R packages and software for genetic analysis has grown substantially since the appearance of GenABEL and the previously mentioned ProbABEL R packages. There are now a handful of useful R packages and other software utilities facilitating genome-wide association studies, analysis of imputed data, meta-analysis, efficient data storage, prediction, parallelization, and mixed model methods. The new GenABEL website also has prominent links to extensive documentation in manuals and tutorials. Finally, there's a new forum you can visit if you can't find an answer in the manuals or tutorials.

The GenABEL Project for Statistical Genetics Analysis


  1. Hey, you seem to have GenABEL working... I have been trying to import by data but I keep getting different errors. I have my data in PLINK format. I used the function convert.snp.tped to transform my data into the internal format (after a --recode --transpose command in PLINK). This creates the file which I can then read but it just doesn't work for me, I get an error of wrong number of ids (which is not the case). This should be a simple task so I am doing something foolishly wrong. Any suggestions?

  2. You might try emailing Yurii Aulchenko or whoever's responsible for maintaining the GenABEL code. I've emailed them before with bug reports and to ask for help and they usually respond quickly. Best of luck.

  3. I got GenABEL up and running, and it is truly one of the best! It was a little bit hard at the beginning - but I used the tutorials and the forum - as you recommended, so thanks for your post!


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