Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Video and slides from ASHG 1000 Genomes tutorials

If you missed the tutorial on the 1000 genomes project data last week at ASHG, you can now watch the tutorials on youtube and download the slides online at http://genome.gov/27542240. Here's a recap of the speakers and topics:

Gil McVean, Ph.D.
Professor of Statistical Genetics
University of Oxford

Description of the 1000 Genomes Data
Gabor Marth, D.Sc.
Associate Professor of Biology
Boston College

How to Access the Data
Steve Sherry, Ph.D.
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health. Bethesda, Md.

How to Use the Browser
Paul Flicek, Ph.D.
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Vertebrate Genomics Team
European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Stuctural Variants
Jan Korbel, Ph.D.
Group Leader, Genome Biology Research Unit
Joint Appointment with EMBL-EBI
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg, Germany)

How to Use the Data in Disease Studies
Jeffrey Barrett, Ph.D.
Team Leader, Statistical and Computational Genetics
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Hinxton, United Kingdom

Visit http://genome.gov/27542240 for links to all the videos and slides. I found Jeff Barrett's overview of using the 1000 genomes data for imputation particularly helpful. Also, don't forget about Goncalo Abecasis's 1000 genomes imputation cookbook, which gives a little more detailed information about formatting, parallelizing code, etc. I'm going to be trying this myself soon, and I'll post tips along the way.

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