Thursday, October 28, 2010

PacBio Film, Discussion & Reception/Dinner at ASHG 2010

Pacific Biosciences is hosting a reception and dinner, and is screening their film The New Biology at this year's ASHG meeting. According to a flyer the mailed me, the film will showcase their SMRT sequencing technology and how it can be used to "create predictive models of living systems and gain wisdom about the fundamental nature of life itself." While the last bit is perhaps an overstatement, the event should nonetheless be an event worth attending. The event includes a reception, dinner, and a moderated discussion featuring individuals from the film. Unfortunately this conflicts with the previously mentioned 1000 Genomes Tutorial, but if you get waitlisted at the tutorial, sign up for this event at the link below!

Wednesday, November 3 2010


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Independence Ave at 6th St SW
Washington, DC 20560

RSVP here -

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