Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writing my Thesis - Follow me on Twitter

A few weeks ago I suddenly reached the point that every graduate student once thought would never come - time to start writing my thesis. With a blank page and a blinking cursor staring me in the face it's time to compile all of my published and unpublished work I've accumulated over the last few years and wordsmith this pile of papers and results into a single cohesive unit. And since job prospects are starting to materialize and because my public defense is now set for December 3rd, I have little time to spare away from my thesis writing cave.

I'll still post any important announcements and reviews of interesting literature I come across, but since I'm mostly writing, the typical blog posts about software, R code, statistical and analytical tips may be more sparse than usual over the next few weeks.

I'll be posting and linking to interesting things on Twitter that I might not have time to expand into a full blog post, so follow me at http://twitter.com/genetics_blog. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at ASHG and/or IGES this year. Stop by my poster at IGES or my talk at the "Methods in Statistical Genetics" session at ASHG Friday, November 5, Room 202, 5:45 pm.

@genetics_blog on Twitter


  1. Good luck! What's next after you finish?

  2. Best of luck! I've free-loaded enough -- I'll try to step up the blogging while you're otherwise occupied. :)


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