Tuesday, March 16, 2010

$25 Plate Centrifuge

While reading through an article on job hunting success on Bitesize Bio I stumbled upon another piece there that's definitely in the spirit of "getting things done" in genetics research.

I had always halfway considered going into business manufacturing lab supplies. Take a $10 Easy-Bake Oven and add a little bit tighter temperature regulation, call it a hybridization oven, and sell it for thousands. Now it wasn't long ago that I remember doing some TaqMan genotyping before GWAS was all the rage, and how awful the results would be when I would forget to spin down the plates before starting the PCR. I haven't a clue how many tens of thousands of dollars a real plate centrifuge and rotors would set you back, but check out the post on Bite Size Bio below, where a few resourceful folks show you how to make a plate centrifuge from a salad spinner in 5 minutes for $25.

Bitesize Bio: How to Build a Plate Centrifuge for $25

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