Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday GGD! The 10 Most Popular Posts Since GGD's Launch

The first post on Getting Genetics Done was one year ago today. To celebrate, here are the top 10 most viewed posts since GGD launched last year. Incidentally, nine of the ten are tutorials on how to do something in R. Thanks to all the readers and all the commenters for sharing your thoughts!

ggplot2 Tutorial: Scatterplots in a Series of Small Multiples

GWAS Manhattan plots and QQ plots using ggplot2 in R

Hierarchical Clustering in R (by Will Bush)

Comparison of plots using Stata, R base, R lattice, and R ggplot2: Histograms

Merge data from different files using R

QQ plots of p-values in R using ggplot2

PDF tutorial from R course (Introduction to R)

Visualizing sample relatedness in a GWAS using PLINK and R

Split, apply, and combine in R using PLYR

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet


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