Thursday, August 13, 2009

Next-Gen Sequencing

Logan recently emailed me an article in the New York Times about single-molecule DNA sequencing and I realized I knew next to nothing about the new and emerging technology that will change the way we do association studies (that is, if we're still even trying to find genetic associations in the first place). The Wellcome Trust posted a news feature a few weeks back giving brief explanations and short videos on DNA sequencing, starting with the old Sanger method, then the second generation 454 and Illumina (Solexa) technologies. They also give a quick overview and and link to some of the 3rd generation technologies in the pipeline, including Pac Bio, Oxford Nanopore, and Complete Genomics.

Wellcome Trust feature on next-gen sequencing

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  1. So what do I need to do in life to join that 70% of people who don't spend any time of their day at work?


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